The mission’s done. welcome to the afterparty.

By now you’ve learned the basics about me, and maybe even viewed a portfolio project or two. But, if you’re itching to know the uncensored me, here’s the spot. And, I'm celebrating a milestone; 10 years of full-time freelance product design. From streams to lessons learned, here’s what’s up 2022!
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What I’m Streaming

Pretend It’s a City, Buried by the Bernards, and I Care a Lot—all shows I’ve streamed, and loved. You can tell a lot about a person by their queue. Here’s more of mine…

Coded Bias

Follow a minority MIT PhD candidate as she executes an astute crusade against codification of bias in algorithmic models.

Made You Look

The authenticity of years’ worth of “undiscovered” masterpieces sold through a prestigious gallery get the side eye.


This is the story a serial killer grappling with his penchant for murder, but insisting he’ll never do it again. They're on season 3. So, it’s not going so well.

School of Chocolate

A primary chef teaches other (mostly) experienced chefs tricks of the trade as they go head-to-head, creating delectable works of art out of chocolate.

What I’m Hearing

The beat drops every day around here. Discover Weekly, New Music Friday, and Release Radar are just three of the many playlists I love. Beyond the music though, these podcasts never fall flat…

The Art of Manliness

This guy puts the science in all sorts of topics I care about, like relationships, technology, and much more. It’s worth the listen.

Flow State

Chill music cut by words of wisdom… all I need to slide right into the zone.

Land of the Giants

A series that gives more than a bird’s eye view of the tech companies that shape our surroundings.

The Sleepy Bookshelf

Fall right asleep listening to classic books like the Wizard of Oz, narrated by one of the most soothing voices you’ll ever hear. So I guess that makes this not safe for work. ;)

What I Wrote

Dozens of satisfied clients. Countless lessons learned. Ten years of full-time freelance. In 2021 I celebrated a decade of self-employment, and wrote about it in detail in this three-part series…

A Decade of Lessons from a Freelance Product Designer

Wherever you are on your journey into the world of freelance UX and UI design, here are five important lessons and philosophies I know, and so can you.

Want to Transition to Freelance Product Design? Here’s How.

If earning potential, job security and, creative satiation compel you to make the leap to full-time freelance product design, here’s my step-by-step advice.

How to Make a Product Design Portfolio that Gets You Hired

Getting your portfolio in front of hiring managers at big tech firms is no easy task. Today I’m going to share some tips to make sure yours does.

Where I’m Clicking

These resources take the guess work out of some of product designs biggest challenges.

Indie Hackers

Kick your big idea off right by learning all about other profitable side projects and the tools and stories behind them.

Laws of UX

It might be a crime to miss out on this website, book, and poster series. Get an up-to-date judgment of user experience best practices fit for doing good.

Copywriting has turned mainstream with the help of this tool. It helps marketers “write” convincing short and long form text with just a few prompts. Creepy.

Design Milk

Cool sketch books, Pantone inspired home office decor, and tech gadgets; this sites really gets me. Take my money!