With daylight gone, entertainment glows.

By now you’ve probably gotten the professional lowdown on me, and hopefully even checked out a portfolio project or two. So, you may be wondering what I like to do in my free time. For starters; running 2 times a week, commissioning furniture, and streaming are prime. Get a taste of the media behind the man—here’s what’s up 2023!
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What I’m Streaming

You can’t call yourself a true cultural connoisseur if you're not keeping up with the “shows.” Beef, Blown Away, and Ultimate Beastmaster are all favorites of mine. Here are some more I recommend.


This show packs neon lights, drifts, and drags as a group of professional and amatuer racers navigate an insane obstacle course. It legit feels like Need for Speed come to life!

Dream Home Makeover

As someone who embraces all forms of creativity, I can really appreciate nice design, including interior design. And, to be fair, I'm not too shabby at it. I credit it in part to shows like this.

Robin, Robin

It’s a movie masterpiece, not a show. It tells the story of a bird named Robin, who's adopted by a family of mischievous mice with a penchant for robin’—picture me breaking 4th wall here—food and trinkets. Oh, and it's stop motion.

The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and an ensemble cast of your favorite celebrities you won't be able to place team up in this cat-and-mouse thriller to capture Chris' nefarious character. The special effects are, chef’s kiss, delightful.

What I’m Hearing

It seems I made the top 10% of Spotify listeners in 2022. 🎉 Wrapped songs like Osmo, Note to Self, and East London Street dominate my personal best of the year. As well as those, here are some of my go-to podcasts for daily listening...

Morning Brew Daily

Hosts Neal and Toby spend around 30 minutes powering through topics my age group actually cares about. No fluff. I’m a loyal listener—and Neal totally has a David Spade vibe.

Think Fast, Talk Smart

Check out this Stanford professor's bite-sized episodes on enhancing communication skills. He's chatting with important guests who give great tips on the subject.

Barron’s Streetwise

I’m no Wall Street whiz, but after listening to Jack Hough break down stock and investment topics I can confidently say my financial savvy is net positive. See where I’m going with this?

Marketplace Tech

This is one of my go-to podcasts when I want to get caught up on the tech industry. It only takes 10 minutes for a full recap of yesterday’s news... but to be honest, it's usually just stuff I already know about, working in the biz and all.

What I’m Writing, & Reading

I gain insightful perspectives on design and more by reading books like Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist. As such, it’s clear to me there is a fine line between Inspiration and authenticity. These articles—one I’ve written—further illustrate my perspective…

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Portfolio (I Would Know)

I hope it's clear, substantial work goes into maintaining this very website. Attention seems to follow. Here’s what happened when I learned the design of THIS website had been grossly plagiarized.

The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI

According to this article “Dead Internet Theory posits that most of the internet is empty and devoid of people and has been taken over by artificial intelligence.” Yikes! Give this article a read for more terrifying speculation.

Why Everything Looks the Same

Ghost kitchens, blanding (not branding), business risk mitigation, and science all have something to do with it. From physical spaces to, app and websites, read this pronto for a searingly accurate perspective IMO.

What is Design Thinking and Why is it so Popular?

Spoiler alert; it’s is not limited to designers. Its versatility lies in its focus on addressing complex and ambiguous problems. I use it to help clients, and in my daily life too. Curious yet? Click through.

Where I’m Clicking

Some sites I've been seeing a lot lately are Mastodon, T2, and OpenAI. Whether you know of them or not, they're making news. Here's the rundown on more hot websites and designer-oriented things…

Blue Sky Social

In case you haven’t heard, this is Jack’s latest project. You know, of the Dorsey variety? Oh, you’re not on Blue Sky yet? Me either. It’s decentralized, and by invite only. #WheresTheInvite?


I bought this tabletop smart display that has apps like clocks, stocks, and fun stuff designers find amusing such as a screen of solid color with corresponding hex code. Thanks to its Kickstarter, the display is funded and shipping!

The AI Gallery

If you're seeking an engaging digital experience (I mean besides this one, lol) check this out. This website displays an intriguing set of works created by artificial intelligence based on iconic paintings. Make sure to stop by “the Wall.”


At this stage in my career I’ve seen countless device mockups. The one thing they all have in common? They’re static. That’s why I created a resource for designers to find easy to use animated device mockups. Take a look!