(It’s kinda my thing.)

Delightful product design is like light traveling through a prism. The catalyst; raw project requirements. I filter them through my creative process, twisting… as ideas take shape. Turning… as core design principles intersect with today’s best practices. The result? High-fidelity UI design that performs from every angle. Take a look.

Factly (alias)

Web App

A Platform that Empowers Out-Of-Home Advertisers with Data, Like Never Before
Factly is a SaaS platform that enables businesses with physical signage to confidently measure and predict an array of audience metrics. Factly is turning the out-of-home advertising market on its ear with a technology-first platform that truly turns heads. See for yourself.

Stickers the Squid

iOS Sticker Pack

Livening iMessage Chats, One Animated Character at a Time
Stickers the Squid is an animated sticker pack created for iMessage, Apple’s chat platform that works with iPhone and iPad devices. This project in its entirety was conceived and executed by me. My mission, to test the limits of my creativity and technical ability. Bottom line, this is one of my most diverse undertakings, and it paid off in many senses of the word!


Web/iOS App

A Web and iOS App to Unite Superfans with Their Superstars
FanCrater is an ambitious social platform aimed at audiences of nearly every age. The goal: bring together notable people and groups with their most loyal, and vocal fans. It’s nothing like a traditional fan club—it’s an entire ecosystem of features that facilitate one-on-one interactions. Read on to see how I helped.


Web App

AI-Powered Content Distribution for Publishers
TrueAnthem is a technology company that specializes in empowering publishers to spread their most profitable and shareable content with unprecedented insight and results. The experience is spearheaded via a comprehensive cloud-based dashboard where publishers can oversee everything, and manipulate anything.

Earth's Alchemy


Scientific Information Design Gets the Ultimate Upgrade
Earth’s Alchemy explores the intersection between web design and 3D animation through the lens of the Periodic Table of Elements. In this personal project I rethink the traditional and create an experience that fuses information design with modern day browser capabilities. This skill building project is progressive in nature, but totally worth the look.
Freelance Product Designer